Type C Sports Gaming Host

Application Guide

Information that will be needed to complete the application:

Business Information

License Eligibility

Proprietor Related Information

Have you entered into a contract with or plan to enter into a contract with a Type C Sports Gaming Proprietor to offer sports gaming?
Yes. You may have already signed a Letter of Intent with Wright Bet. If you have not signed yet and plan to offer sports gaming at your business, you must plan to enter into an agreement with a Type C Sports Gaming Proprietor.
Enter the number of Kiosks/Terminals to be placed at this location.
If you have signed your Letter of Intent with Wright Bet, please enter the number 2.

Payment Details

Credit card (Mastercard or Visa Only) or checking account information for online payment of $1,000 application fee and $3.50 transaction fee. $1003.50 Total. Payment will be made directly to the Ohio Casino Control Commission.

DO NOT create an account unless it says “Create a Casino Commission Account”
at the top, as the image shows below.


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